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Flag and Antenna Kit

Wind is an ever-affecting factor, one that can influence novice and expert shooters alike. There is no modern-day technology that can accurately pinpoint wind to an exact science. GunsGongCrazy is the only system that includes a wind antenna and flag kit.  This simple but effective system is designed to give you a fast, accurate measure of wind direction. The flag system consists of three parts which include the flag, antenna and removable magnetic base. The flag’s bright, fade-free colors are designed to be visible at a distance against any background. When using our GunsGongCrazy wind direction flag, you’ll never have to guess the direction of the wind, and you’ll see every change in the wind instantly and precisely.  Practice makes perfect so consider routinely practicing in a wide variety of weather conditions.


Wind Kit Includes:
Detachable Magnetic Base
Magnetic Base
  • High powered isotrophic magnetic base that stays put in all weather conditions.


  • Steel body with external rust free brass threads for attaching the antenna



Telescoping Flag Pole
Made of steel and extends to almost four feet.  Collapse the pole to under 8 inches and detach from base for easy storage and transportation when finished.  


  • Chrome plated to prevent rusting


  • Rust free brass threads for easy assembly and detachment





Each GunsGongCrazy Wind Direction System comes with the target system and is constructed of Poly/Nylon.  Renowned for durability and resistance to UV rays and mildew, panels are double-stitched and bar-tacked at each corner to provide added durability. Designed to fit our telescoping antenna and features non-furling pivot to prevent the flag from wrapping around the flag pole.


Size: 7" X 9" inches 


Material: Poly-Nylon


Color: High Velocity Yellow

Antenna Extends to 4 ft Tall
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