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Kevlar Hanging Straps
This remarkably durable material is one of the world's strongest and lightest fibers. The material is pound for pound, ten times stronger then steel. GunsGongCrazy provides a unique solution utilizing this fiber orientation that maximizes performance. Kevlar straps offer a superior alternative to many design materials including rubber, steel, aluminum, and alloys.
Angled Bolt Plates
Targets at an angle give the bullet an easier path to the ground. Not only is this safer due to reduced ricochet risk, it also transmits less damaging heat to the target.
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Magnetic Target Stencil
Our target stencils and a can of spray on paint make it quick and easy to apply a clean bullseye pattern. The target stencils are magnetic so they quickly adhere to the steel gong with pinpoint accuracy and are easy to remove with the finger tabs. Enjoy shooting and painting fresh target patterns on your steel without the mess and damaging paint build up on you and your gear.  Take advantage and enjoy more target shooting, way less hassle and the best overall target shooting experience you've had in years.  We guarantee it!
Wind Antenna Flag
GunsGongCrazy is the only system that includes a wind antenna & flag kit. This simple but effective system is designed to give you a fast, accurate measure of wind direction. The system consists of three parts which include the flag, antenna and removable magnetic base. 


Gong Carry Handle
GunsGongCrazy is the only system that includes a carry handle for the gong. The carry handle is a custom strap that is built into the hardware components and included with the hardware and hanging kits.  The carry handle makes all the difference in the world for transporting and hanging the GunsGongCrazy Targets.  


Grade 10.9 Steel Hardware
Why grade 10.9 steel?  Because we can. The most common hardware steel grades are lower (typically 8.8) which is still very strong but 10.9 is 41% stronger then 8.8 and can take a bullet. Your safety and the reliability of our products are important to us so when there's an opportunity to use the best materials for our products we take it.
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