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Kevlar® Hanging Straps

GunsGongCrazy has replaced the use of Steel with Kevlar®...and for good reason. High velocity rifles can break chains and a broken chain can stop your fun, especially if you're at the range or miles from nowhere.  Kevlar® is now a proven alternative to steel chains and is superior to steel since it is stronger, lighter and non-corrosive. Our straps can be used significantly longer than chains because they can absorb multiple hits without breaking.  No more chain repair links! Spend more time shooting and trust the results to enhance the value of your experience.


What is Kevlar®?


This remarkably durable material is one of the world's strongest and lightest fibers. The material is pound for pound, ten times stronger than steel and is used in the manufacture of body armour (panels) for lightweight military vehicles extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Kevlar®  is also ideal because it is lightweight, non-flammable and it offers protection from high temperatures (fire, bombs, Molotov cocktails etc...). Kevlar® can also withstand the harsh environmental conditions, found in hot climates.


Sample applications and advantages:


  • Ballistic and projectile protection

  • Helmets

  • Vehicle armour

  • Sailcloth

  • Lifting slings

  • Cut resistant gloves

  • High tenacity

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Flame and heat resistance

  • Controlled elongation

  • Chemical resistance in specific environments

  • Dimensional stability and strength

  • Reduced weight & size

  • Flexibility

 Strap shot with AR-15 .556


GunsGongCrazy Kevlar® Straps              


GunsGongCrazy Kevlar® straps are custom designed to work with the metal bolt plate hardware and are included with the GGC target system.  We also offer standard Kevlar® straps that are sold seperately to replace, upgrade and retrofit other compatible hanging gong target systems.




















Strap Specs:


  • 15"L x 2"W 

  •  1.0 mm thickness

  •  Triple fold reinforced x-stiching

  •  2 Steel grommets

  •   Custom design

  •  Has a 2670 lb. working load


Color: Yellow / Black Grommets


*GGC Kevlar straps are compatible with metal bolt plates only

Metal Bolt Plates

Standard Kevlar® Straps                   


Our Standard Kevlar® straps are designed replace, retrofit and upgrade all compatible hanging gong systems.  Say good-by to broken chains and frustration. Once you go with the Kevlar®, you'll never go back.  





















Strap Specs:


  • 15"L x 2"W 

  • 1.0 mm thickness

  •  Reinforced cross stiching

  •  4 S-Hooks

  •  4 Steel grommets

  • Has a 2670 lb. working load


Color: Yellow / Black Grommets


7 MM S-Hooks

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