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GunsGongCrazy Angled Metal Bolt Plates 

GunsGongCrazy targets are designed to hang at an angle which give the bullets an easier and more direct path towards the ground. Not only is this safer due to reduced ricochet risk it also transmits less damaging heat to the targets.  The GunsGongCrazy bolt plates are the key component for anchoring the Kevlar straps to the gong which allows the target to hang at an angle.  The Metal Bolt Plates are an important safety  feature for our system and are included with every Gong, hardware and Kevlar Hanging Kit. 


The type and design of a steel target determines the angle of deflection. When shooting steel targets, a “splatter zone”appears. This zone is the area in which the great majority of bullet fragments eventually wind up. The total amount of splatter in this zone is primarily dependent on the following four key issues:
1) Angle of deflection  
2) Target hardness 
3) Bullet design and
4) Target placement. 
When a bullet strikes a steel target that is completely stationary at a 90-degree angle, all the bullet's energy goes directly to weakening that point on the steel. If the target is completely stationary but is positioned at less than a 90-degree angle, a portion of the bullet's energy at impact is deflected rather than absorbed. If the target is positioned at slightly less than a 90-degree angle AND the target is able to move on impact, a much larger portion ofthe bullet's energy is deflected rather than absorbed. GunsGongCrazy targets are designed to move on impact and deflect the majority of bullets towards the ground. 
Seeing is Believing!
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