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Our Story

When my brother-in-law Randy and I were preparing for Idaho's hunting season in 2011, I went to our local Cabela's. I was looking for a target that we could get an audible response from, as it is hard to visually identify a hit from long distance. What they had on their shelves were what I like to call "Mini gongs," which were only 10 or 11 inches. They were hard to see from far away, and they weren't portable. They were a pain in the ass to assemble too! That was when the cogs in my brain started spinning, and I decided I could buld a better mouse trap


With that, I went to work. I figured out how to make the best, most durable gong I possibly could with the most rugged materials, while also making it portable. This proved to be quite a challenge, but after some hard work, I had a Christmas gift for Randy. I told some people I know, and they wanted to have one too, so after I made a few, I decided I could sell them to shooting enthusiasts everywhere!


Now I have started Making several at a time, and they are selling. Hopefully in a couple years with dedication and hard work, my small business will blossom into a large business.

- Todd Wickstrom, owner

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