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Gunsgongcrazy target systems are well thought out and designed to enhance the shooters experience.  We heard complaints about portability, broken chains, cheap steel, high costs and the list goes on...  

GunsGongCrazy listened and has solved all those issues (and then some) and we're proud to offer you the most portable, versatile, unique, fun and highest quality gong shooting target system on the market.  

AR500 Target System         $299.99


  • 18" x 3/8 AR500 Steel Target

  • Portable/compact stand with Carry Handle and Shoulder Strap

  • Magnetic Target Stencil

  • Hi Vis Quick Dry Paint

  • Class 10.9 Steel Hardware

  • Replacable/Adjustable Stand Legs

  • Support Stakes

  • Kevlar Straps

  • Angled Metal Bolt Plates

  • Flag with telescoping antenna kit

  • Gong Carry Strap

  • Accessory Bag

  • Powder Coated Target and Stand

Set up takes less than 4 minutes!

GunsGongCrazy Target System

AR500 Target System               $299.99
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