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The First Truly Portable Gong Target System

Steel is one of the most gratifying targets to shoot. It is reactive, loud, sounds destructive and nothing can beat the experience. GunsGongCrazy features the latest advancements in today’s modern gun targets, using high quality, advanced products that are designed to properly enhance every aspect of the steel shooting experience. GunsGongCrazy's high quality, long-lasting targets are designed for durability and are made using only the highest-grade steel. GunsGongCrazy uses innovative designs that feature angled targets, (bullets safely and effectively ricochet towards the ground), Kevlar straps, portable steel stand, wind antenna, magnetic target stencils and Hi Vis paint.


Boise Sportsman's show

Thanks to everyone who came to see our stand at the Boise Expo building!

Our features & advantages include:

Kevlar Straps
Adjustable/Folding Steel Stand
Powder Coated
18" AR500 Steel 

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Target System

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Target Stencil w tabs_edited_edited_edited.png 2015-11-5-12:5:12
Wind Antenna and Flag


Magnetic Target Stencil


Angled Bolt Plates
For Bullet Deflection 


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