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Our unique GunsGongCrazy Long Distance Target System gives customers the most portable, functional and reliable product that is easy to use and requires little effort and no tools for set up and take down.  This system is designed for LONG DISTANCE and one precision shot at a time.  


This quality system is the result of countless designs tested, revised and proudly built in the USA. GunsGongCrazy designs were created to not only meet the needs of a shooter, but exceed them with innovation that's simple and functional.


Constructed with AR500 steel, Kevlar Straps and bullet proof hardware, our target systems are built to last and provide our customers with steel targets that are safe, reliable and preditcable so you can enjoy them when you want and know exactly what to expect every time.


We take great pride in our target systems and know will you too.  Give us a shot! Never shoot at less than 200yds.   Not designed for .50BMG or .338 Lapua.

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