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Magnetic Target Painting Stencils


Most shooters re-paint their gong targets and often have to deal with paint build up and an undesirable mess.  Our handy magnetic stencils are easy to apply and paint providing you with a clean and crisp target pattern.  Each Target system comes with the magnetic stencil and a 12oz can of Hi Vis paint.  GunsGongCrazy target stencils and Hi Vis paint are also available and sold seperately.

Magnetic Stencil
  • Strong magnetic base hugs the steel for optimum painting and finger tabs for easy "mess free" removal. 


  • Quick and easy to paint target design


  • EVA top sheet allows you to re-use the


      target stencil over and over again.


  • Ridiculously easy to clean


  • Use with our 18" steel targets.


Florescent Stencil Paint
  • Target system comes with flourescent yellow and orange neon paint
  • Use with ANY steel target



Custom Designs
  • Custom design program available.  Please inquire if interested.



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